The Birdhouse Community Center is located at 800 North 4th Avenue in the 4th and Gill Neighborhood, just north of downtown Knoxville. The Birdhouse is a community-supported, open space that strives to be a safe and inclusive venue with social equality, camaraderie, and artistic expression as some of its core values and motivating drives.

The historic house at the corner of 4th and Gill has been a community space since the early 1970’s. At that time and for the following few decades, it was known simply as the “The Neighborhood Center” where different groups met to fight and organize against different issues, both within the neighborhood and within the larger Knoxville community.  Notably “The Gazette: A voice for poor and working class people” came out of that era, which was widely distributed for several years, raising awareness and bolstering support for what ended up resulting in multiple successful campaigns. In addition to organizing efforts, the house also served as a kids daycare space for many years.

In the mid 2000’s a group of young artists and community members took the reins of the community space, bringing new life and energy into the house. More art, music, gardening, and workshops  began happening at the space. This mix of new energy and programming became a new era or incarnation of the community center, and also, fittingly, a new name “The Birdhouse” came along and stuck at that time as well. Now in 2016, the Birdhouse has continued to carry the legacy of this community space with gratitude and respect, melding aspects of the social activism of the early years with the pressing issues of today, as well as continuing to offer an evermore diverse range of events and programming in an effort to meet the changing and diverse needs of the community.

A few notable things we are proud to offer the community, and which you can find more information on in this website are: 

– Weekly Movie Nights

– WOZO 103.9 LP-FM The People’s Radio Station

– The Birdfeeder Art Gallery

– Monthly Potlucks and Presentations