Community Garden


The Birdhouse Community Garden is a free and open space, located in a previously unused lot across from the Birdhouse building.

[That empty space once played host to the Governor’s mansion, then a seasonal haunted house until someone burned it down.]

The Spring 2012 growing season was the first year for this community-developed educational tool. Many of the participating gardeners are first-time planters.

Individuals or groups can have a plot of their own, free of charge. We encourage those with minimal to no gardening experience to volunteer, plant and grow their own edible items. This is the place to learn, share, try, fail and try again.

1/2 of the garden space is communal, meaning, all produce is free for whomever needs it or wants it.

Feel free to contact us with workshop ideas, offers to volunteer, suggestions, material donations or just come by and visit!


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