Volunteer Needs


If interested and able to participate in the development and implementation of any of these Teams or Projects, send us an email: birdhouseknoxvillebooking@gmail.com

  • Bookkeeper!

What’s that? Someone to manage incoming donations, outgoing monies and file monthly reports with the Treasurer.

Commitment Requested: This position will be an ongoing and long term relationship with the Birdhouse Board of Directors. Bookkeeper will need to live in Knoxville and be available to write checks and pick up receipts.

  • Social Media! 

We need someone to help us to have a  sustained strong social media presence – creating and publishing posts about upcoming events and opportunities at the Birdhouse. And to direct messages and booking requests toward the birdhouseknoxvillebooking@gmail.com email address. 

 Commitment Requested? At least three (1-2) hours every week. Lots of online stuff.

  • Grant Writing Team

What’s that do? We need someone to coordinate with to help seek out and write grant requests.

 Commitment Requested? Varies

  • Peoples’ Library

What’s that? One or two or three people to help develop and run the Peoples’ Library at the Birdhouse

Commitment requested: Volunteers needed to help formulate and maintain the newly established Peoples’ Library at the birdhouse. Organization of the donated collection, pursuit of additional donations and the development of an alternative lending project. This is one of the coooolest things happening at the birdhouse right now. Volunteers would defer to several indy librarians outside of the area that have agreed to provide technical support to the project.

  • Digital Archivist

What’s that? Someone to scan in and organize documents and information onto a hard drive

Commitment requested: Volunteer would set their own work day(s) to sit and scan in several boxes of documents from the 4th & Gill Neighborhood Center and the earlier days of the Birdhouse. A searchable system of folders would be organized on the hard drive for long-term archiving. A successive two (2) day commitment is being asked in order to ensure consistency in the project.

  • Work-Trade / Maintenance 

We need someone to help join our efforts in coordinating and participating in regular/ on-going work days at the community center in order so that the Birdhouse can meet the work-trade part of it’s lease with the Fourth & Gill Neighborhood Association. This arrangement makes all the magic happen / gives the Birdhouse and it’s office tenants affordable rent.

Includes occasional travel to hardware stores to obtain supplies for workday – funds will be provided ahead of time or quickly reimbursed.