Volunteer Needs


If interested and able to participate in the development and implementation of any of these Teams or Projects, send us an email: birdhouse.knoxville [at] gmail.com


What’s that? Someone to manage incoming donations, outgoing monies and file monthly reports with the Treasurer (Maya).

Commitment Requested: This position will be an ongoing and long term relationship with the Birdhouse Board of Directors. Bookkeeper will need to live in Knoxville and be available to write checks and pick up receipts. Estimated five (5) per month of work.


What’s that? William needs an intern to help do publicity, scheduling and press releases.

Commitment Requested? At least three (3) hours every week. Lots of online stuff.

Grant Writing Team

What’s that do? We need someone to coordinate with to help write grant requests

Commitment requested: Volunteer would work with the Volunteer Coordinator (William) in writing grant proposals to foundations and grant issuing institutions. Optimally, we would submit a steady stream of well thought out grant requests as those resources are located. A strong focus on collaborative project funding is part of this work. Approximately 5 hours a week requested, meeting times included. Opportunity includes a possibility of receiving a percentage of funds raised upon approval by the collective.

Special Events Coordinator

What’s that? Someone to implement off-sight fundraisers and events.

Commitment requested: Volunteer would be dedicated to planning and organizing pre-strategized events, shows, exhibits, auctions and fundraisers held outside of the birdhouse. These events include a push outside of the immediate area. Approximately 10 hours a month of work is anticipated. These events would be in benefit of the birdhouse OR in support of partner organizations.

Peoples’ Librarians

What’s that? One or two or three people to help develop and run the Peoples’ Library at the birdhouse

Commitment requested: Volunteers needed to help formulate and maintain the newly established Peoples’ Library at the birdhouse. Organization of the donated collection, pursuit of additional donations and the development of an alternative lending project. This is one of the coooolest things happening at the birdhouse right now. Volunteers would defer to several indy librarians outside of the area that have agreed to provide technical support to the project. Approximately 7 hours a week requested.

Events Support

What’s that? Someone to help out at, mostly, evening events at the birdhouse

Commitment requested: We need someone to work with the already existing crew in providing support for film screenings, live musical performances, lectures, private events, art openings and whatever other things folks have come up with to do at the birdhouse. Setting up the PA, opening the door, turning on the air, setting up chairs, a little problem-solving, turning off the air, fixing the toilet when it breaks, hanging out and talking about abstract ideologies may be requested. Approximately 3 hours a week may help.

Shed Project Team Coordinator

What’s that? Someone to build an 12’X8′ shed in the backyard of the birdhouse.

Commitment requested: Volunteer would be responsible for submitting the shed building plans to the Historic Zoning Commission and coordinating volunteers to help with the construction of the shed. Additionally, Coordinator will be asked to pick up and handle all materials needed for the project. All cost will be covered by the Birdhouse. 20 hours is the projected time commitment requested.

Digital Archivist

What’s that? Someone to scan in and organize documents and information onto a hard drive

Commitment requested: Volunteer would set their own work day(s) to sit and scan in several boxes of documents from the 4th & Gill Neighborhood Center and the earlier days of the Birdhouse. A searchable system of folders would be organized on the hard drive for long-term archiving. A successive two (2) day commitment is being asked in order to insure consistency in the project.

Upstairs Bathroom Team

What’s that? Volunteers to work around the renovation of the upstairs bathroom

Commitment requested: Team members should coordinate to implement the repair and renovations in the upstairs bathroom. The work will include; wall demolition, drywall replacement, tile work, installation of a mop sink, painting and flooring replacement. Team members should be able to solicit on behalf of the Birdhouse for materials and specialized labor. This project could require a time commitment of several weeks.

Drop ceiling Tile Project

What’s that? Volunteer to manage the pursuit of drop ceiling tiles for the upstairs.

Commitment requested: Project coordinator should be able to solicit for the donation of replacement drop ceiling tiles for our upstairs ceiling. It’s anticipated that the time commitment for this project will be five (5) hours.