Some of the Inside Birds

GerryAn avid wearer of the elusive black and bold Mock turtleneck, Gerry is the classy one of the bunch. He curates the art gallery alongside Tessa, bringing new art and exhibits to the space every month. We are constantly amazed by his angle-grinding skills and the ability to fashion a bird from any piece of metal.


Tessa is gallery curator along with Gerry and brings new art and exhibits into the Birdhouse Gallery every month. She is also a DJ for WOZO.




Eleazar helps to organize Comite Popular de Knoxville which meets every Wednesday evening here at the Birdhouse. The group works to bring peace and justice to Hispanic communities in the region and fights for immigrants rights.




Amelia manages the Birdhouse finances and works with WOZO Radio and others who sublease rooms in the space for creating music and art.




Erin coordinates Sunday Dinners at the Birdhouse (usually the 3rd Sunday of the month) which is a community wide potluck style dinner with a different guest speaker each month. See programming and the events page for more details and times.

KatieKatie manages a variety of maintenance needs for the space. Migrating from the Northeast and currently attending school in Knoxville she’s a wonderful spirit to have on the crew.



Adam is an active DJ on 103.9 WOZO which broadcasts live out of the Birdhouse in the “Bird Nest” upstairs. He coordinates between the WOZO radio station and the Birdhouse itself. Also a Northeastern bird.



Bryan is involved with various projects and programming needs at the Birdhouse. He’s Scheduling and Booking Coordinator and he also co-leads the Birdhouse Cafe/Open Hours with Mike, happening every Friday .