Event Pricing Guide

  • The Birdhouse Community Center seeks to host a variety of different events and get-togethers. You can visit our Events page to see what weeks are already full for music shows and what our general availability looks like.
  • For music and music/art showcase events that will be hosted out of the Birdhouse starting June 1st, 2019 onward, the Birdhouse will be asking for $1 per person that comes through the door, in addition to a flat $50 event/security deposit we normally charge. This is only for shows where the renter has an event cover charge or a suggested donation at the door for the event. If there isn’t any cover charge or suggested donation for the event then it’s still just the normal flat $50. The $50 will still be asked for ahead of time to confirm the event, then the remainder based on the number of attendees can be deposited via PayPal after the event. This is to help account for the general wear and tear that larger events tend to have on the community center space.
  • The Birdhouse currently has a music show ‘cap’ of 1 music show per week. This means we can only host one music show per week. (We can sometimes accommodate a 2nd music show depending on our volunteer capacity at the time, and the nature of the event.)
  • The Birdhouse currently limits hosting music shows to weekends.

We’ve developed the pricing guide below by creating categories with different pricing and sliding scale options for different types of events. We recognize that everyone has differing recourses and means and so our sliding scale model for most of our events try to take this into account by letting people know they can contribute what feels most comfortable for them in the price range listed.

If you would like to rent out the space or host an event or gathering, please contact us at birdhouseknoxvillebooking@gmail.com and check out our Space Use Agreement Form below. We must receive a completed form to confirm your event. (For music shows, we will also need for you to send us a vouch or reference – – someone that we would likely know or have worked with in the past.) If you see an open date and time and are ready to confirm, you can email the completed form to the email address above.

 – –  2019 Space Use Agreement Form – –