Art Gallery


The Birdhouse art gallery space known as the Birdfeeder Gallery hosts gallery receptions throughout the year. We are open to month-long exhibitions or pop-up shows. There is a gallery reception that goes along with either the exhibition or the shorter-pop up style show. 

The Birdhouse, located at 800 N. 4th Ave., is a DIY community space that promotes artistic and creative expression as well as resource sharing, potluck dinners, group discussions; as well as a place to rent for a fundraisers or a variety of other public or private events. 

We are especially interested in showing the works of up and coming artists who may not have the financial means and/or interests of showing at more traditional gallery spaces. Also as well as works perhaps fall outside of the guidelines or parameters of meeting a certain range of aesthetics. 

If you are interested in leaving works up for the duration of a month at the Birdhouse – please note that furniture and other items do drift into and rest in the gallery space occasionally. Also other events and energy that occur in the main space of the Birdhouse does flow into the gallery room as well.   

For further information, and to receive a copy of our contract, please contact More images available upon request.